People helping people. Powerful stuff.


People helping people. It’s powerful stuff. is a quote from one of my favorite movies. You may be thinking, “OMG, how true is that?!” or “I wonder if this blog is really sweet and inspirational?!”. However, if you look it up, you would find that the quote is taken completely out of context. At least according to my sense of humor, I find that very funny; which brings me to this blog. Like everyone, I have my own way of thinking and sense of humor. After discussing the idea with friends and family, I thought it may be beneficial to me (and possibly others) to document the thoughts, ideas, and topics that cross my mind at any given time. This blog is that platform for me to do just that; contemplate, write and discuss the topics that interest me. I love feedback. Let me know what you think. Life is a matter of perspective and I would like to hear yours.

I’m just an average dude who is interested in pretty normal stuff. The “things” that typically pique my interest are business, technology, finance, sports and even fictional books typically reserved for teenagers. For a “living”, I am a financial analyst with a background mostly spent in corporate finance for different technology companies. Yeah, I have been called a “bean counter” and the amount of bullying in America has gotten out of hand.



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