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Dear Baby-Boomers….

I read an article at one of my favorite websites ( titled, “Here’s The Real Reason Why Millennials Are The Most Stressed Generation”.

I am proudly a part of this millennial spectrum (albeit on the “older” side of it). Thus, I took offense to this article. So, just once, I want to take a stab back…

The real reason why millennials are stressed? Because we know we’ll have to clean up the mess the baby-boomers have created. By definition, we (by we, I mean, collectively all young people) haven’t been alive long enough to damage our society to begin with.

So next time you read another article bashing young people for our immaturity, lack of employment, huge debt, and irresponsibility… please try to remember who really created the environment that put us here.

Thank you,

Millennial Soap Box

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