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Baby Boomers Part 2… Time to put up or shut up…

Not so long ago, I threw out a rant about how the millenials (Generation Y or whatever) are being inaccurately portrayed. I was essentially blaming the baby boomers for it here.

I stumbled across this article, "Who Destroyed the Economy? The Case Against the Baby Boomers". It is perhaps the most balanced representation of both sides of the generational argument I have read to date. Please give it a read. But I will warn you now; you will need some time because it is a long one.

Unfortunately for the author, he is technically Generation X as opposed to Y (sarcasm). However, the points of the article are the same. My key take away? Yes, our youngest generations are being dealt a very crappy hand. An 8-2 off-suit in poker terms. But, unlike in poker, we all have to play the hands we are dealt.

In light of this article (and the obnoxious political FB posts lately), I promise to stop bitching, crying, whining and pointing the finger at what got us in this mess. Our generations’ time and energy would be better spent solving the problems. We “youngin’s” are the 2nd largest group of voters behind the baby-boomers. Let’s go out, get educated, vote for representatives who will create an America that our kids will be proud to grow up in. Better yet still, let’s not wait on the government to solve all our problems. Become active in your community, become self-reliant and give a helping hand to someone who needs it. It is time to put up or shut up.

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